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My earliest memory of designing and creating was in my sixth year of life.  While Mother was sleeping on a Saturday morning...oh, six-ish, my brother and I enjoyed a lively pillow fight.  Yes, feather pillows, in case you were asking.  Yes, one broke, as you must have guessed.    We knew that this meant trouble. 

“I can sew it!” I proclaimed, as though I had just completed my PhD in stitchery.  With some 20 odd stitches I bound a fist full of torn cloth together with an old button.  The day before, Mother had given me my first lesson in sewing on buttons. 

While I am certain that she was not pleased about the scene upon awakening, I spared us both punishment by my skills.  Then it was doll clothes from bits  of fabric and trims from mailing in Wrights® labels. 

Since then there have been no boundaries. 

My creative spirit is fueled by such masters as Mary Englebreit,

Susan Sargent, the team MacKenzie-Childs and all those with an unbridled  soul. 

To Design is as essential as breath itself.

quote of the day

Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.

Sharon Schuster

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